Drone training, supply and support program

We’ve developed a comprehensive drone training, supply and support program that ensures that you have the right training and the right equipment with on-going support for any requirements.

Current Business Activity

We will discuss and identify how the use of Drones can accomplish existing tasks more safely and efficiently

New Business Oppurtunity

Together we will explore how Drone use could broaden your offered services and open up new revenue streams

Investing for the Futue

As with any investment, we feel it is important to consult with your company to determine the best Drones for your needs and associated cost

Tailored Solution
Custom Drone Kit

We begin working on sourcing all equipment requirements to meet the needs and business solutions identified

Training & Education
Handover & Deployment

We will provide your nominated Drone users with both theory and practical flight training using the bespoke Drone kit that is fit for purpose. This is provided by CASA accredited drone pilots.

Ongoing Support
Consultation & Support

We provide ongoing Drone use consultation and support to your company. We give access to a large range of tailored support services designed to give our clients the confidence to used Drones in a safe and compliant way.


Get 10% off your training, supply and support fee

If you refer our unique drone training, equipment supply and support program to a friend or associate you will receive 10% off your fees with Aerial Vantage.

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